K.A. Anime Blog  Is an anime blog that encourages, helps and promote anime to an up coming, new or even old anime enthusiast in an uplifting and enthusiastic community. Feel free to share, learn and discover many things about anime, games, music, technology and even the latest internet humors.

Rules and Regulations

1. No Posting of sexually-explicit materials, we have kids here in the community.(we might consider a dedicated page for NSFW content, Well post an update) so for the mean time don't post such things. Same with gory stuff like decapitation and such stuff. Tho offensive jokes are accepted as long as it doesn't cross the community guidelines

2. Do not attack/bully the users, please be respectful and considerate of people's views and opinions. Not everyone has the same point of view. If ever guilty of such doing. 3 warning will be given. 

3. If ever you're going to advertise a site/accounts and such. please ask for the admins first. We'll be gladly to give you considerations just don't spam it

4. SPAM! gifs spams and shitpost are acceptable. but posting the same content again and again without any context ( 5 Times limit ) are unacceptable and a 3 warnings will be given

"Failure to comply with the rules/warnings will result in a 30 days ban"

Also one last thing, Please ENJOY!
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